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exactly The app your powerful Gamepad needs!

You bought a High-End Gamepad, but it doesn’t actually work with 99% of Android Games, right? That’s where Mantis comes in!

Mantis has been tested with 300+ Gamepad Models and Hundreds of Thousands of Games from Google Play.

And, it just works!

Game-Ready Feature set

Mantis is filled with Exclusive Features like Game Phases, Gamepad Styles(PS, Xbox, Nintendo), Paddle Buttons Support, Discrete X-Y Axis Sensitivity, MOBA Smart Cast, Sequence Buttons, Virtual Mouse Mode, and many more.

Mantis has been tested to work perfectly with Games like Wild Rift, eFootball, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Apex Legends, Genshin Impact and so on.






This app single handedly makes Razer Kishi worth a buy. After buying Kishi my phone is basically Switch!. Only thanks to this app. I've bought Pro just for League of Legends and with that playing moba feels better than on Series X. This app is 100% must have if you want to elevate your mobile gaming experience. The ui is nice and it has a good game launcher built in. With swipe and hold feature I've converted mobile games for controller that won't ever be possible like Tetris!.

Joseph Mcqueen
Rated 5 Stars on Google Play (Device : Xiaomi Mi 10i)

It's finally possible to use my Razer Kishi with my phone! The app is just brilliant. The Pro Pass worth every penny!

Dmytro Koval
Rated 5 Stars on Google Play(Device : Redmi Note 10 Pro)

I haven't gave a Five-star Review on any app in years in this app was a lifesaver I recently got the Gamesir Bluetooth version. And the Game sir mapping app was not compatible with my phone meaning it opened up but when I put it on g touch instead of v-touch I got told over and over that my phone wasn't compatible and I knew that was a lie after searching other game mapping apps I ran across this and it worked like a charm it was easy to connect and now I'm able to play all of my games.

Kay Smith
Rated 5 Stars on Google Play (Device : Cricket® Dream 5G)

The Remapping with the Gamesir X2 is perfect! Gamesir app doesn't works correctly, but Mantis is awesome. Always works with the controller.

David Vargas
Rated 5 Stars on Google Play(Device : Redmi Note 8 Pro)

So glad I found this app, way better than octopus by a long shot. I struggled so hard to get octopus to function at all, but following the video tutorial mantis is a breeze to set up if you pay attention to each step. Had it working in less than 5 minutes! Wonderful app! Finally I can play Genshin on my phone comfortably with a controller. Touch controls are a literal pain for people with big hands..

Robin Hammond
Rated 5 Stars on Google Play(Device : Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G)

Hands down saved Android version of Razer kishi from being returned by me. Bought it specifically to play Call of Duty Mobile and it didn't work until Mantis came along, thanks whoever made this app truly appreciate it.

Joshua Rupert
Rated 5 Stars on Google Play(Device : Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G)

Proprietary NMC mapping Engine

Mantis Apps use our Proprietary NMC Mapping Technology to map Gaming Peripherals to Touchscreens. 

The NMC Engine is the most intricate solution in its category and powers complex touchscreen mapping actions even on the latest versions of Android(i.e. Android 13, as of now) with unmatched latency and accuracy.

fastest growing in the segment

With over 1.5 Million Organic Installs the Mantis Apps have seen viral growth on Google Play, due to the wonderful word-of-mouth from our supportive user base.

Ever since our inception, we’ve stayed connected with our incredible community from across Google Play & Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Reddit & Instagram, who’ve in turn been helping us in perfecting the Apps.


Original Gameplay recorded on google pixel 4a, Android 13 & Samsung galaxy tab s7+, android 12

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