Mantis Gamepad Pro

Turn your Android Device into a Pro Gaming Machine

With Mantis Gamepad Pro, enjoy Next-Gen Pro Level Gaming with Game Controllers on your Android Device.

Compatible with Android 7.0+

What is Mantis Gamepad Pro?

Mantis Gamepad Pro is the most Modern & Safe Gamepad Keymapper App for Android. With Universal Touch Mapping you can use Mantis to play any Game on Android with a Game Controller. Mantis is Powerful, Modern & Intuitive. 🔥

Safe & Secure

Mantis is made with Data Safety & Integrity in mind. It requests very few permissions with detailed In-App explanations regarding each.

Great Compatibility

Mantis supports almost all Gamepads supported by Android. You can simply Plug & Play your favorite games with very little setup.

Google Play Support

Mantis doesn't require Cloning & is capable of Universal Touch Mapping. Hence supports Google Play out-of-the-box.

No Ban

Thanks to Mantis' Architecture. There is No Risk of getting Banned by Games unlike other Apps which use Cloning.

Modern UX

Mantis' UI & UX have been developed with extreme care to tend to Pro Gamers' needs. It's Intuitive yet feature-rich.

Next Gen Ready

Mantis readily supports Next Gen Controllers & enables Pro Level Gaming on Android Devices with Precise and Intricate Control Features.

Have a look at some In-App Screenshots.

The Incredible Dark Theme radiates the perfect Gaming Vibes.

Have Questions? Look Here.

Yes. You can download the App for Free from Google Play. It works on all Android Devices with Android 7.0 & above.

No. Mantis uses Universal Touch Mapping instead of Cloning to function. It is a lot more powerful and safe at the same time. There's no risk of getting banned.

Mantis Buddy is run via Windows/Mac ADB, which gives Mantis Pro elevated permissions on Android OS. These permissions are required for Universal Touch Mapping on Android. MantisBuddy Activation is mandatory.

Yes, indeed. Mantis enables users to use their Gamepads in these games. Just make sure you've watched the Mapping Instruction Videos before starting.

Mantis supports each & every Gamepad, which can be Paired/Connected to Android OS(HID). Simply Open the Mantis Main Screen and Connect your Controller. It should show up in the App instantly, asking you to Manually Calibrate it with Mantis.

Absolutely not. Mantis is engineered in the most optimized manner, unlike other such apps. According to tests, Mantis' battery consumption is almost negligible during Gaming and in background. Test it for yourself.

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